It was spring 1982 and I was excitingly preparing for my high school graduation. However, It was the event that would happen just two weeks later that I was much more excited for. Our first Fly-in fishing trip. We had made arrangements with Canadian Fly-in Fishing at the Northwest Sportshow in Minneapolis earlier that spring. This was to be a “Once in a lifetime” fishing trip! Fast forward 36 years, and 36 Canadian Fly-In Fishing trips, and this has become a summertime ritual that goes much beyond a fishing trip. 

I have been blessed to have been able to share most of these trips with my father and in recent years my son and daughter have joined the trip to. It has been a special treat to look over to the next boat and see my dad and his grandkids hauling in Walleyes. There have been high school buddies, friends and neighbors as well.

Over the years there have been many 10’s of thousands of Walleyes caught and released. Many of these fish have reached that magical 30 inch mark and many Pike have broken 40 inches. Over the years, names have evolved for many places on each lake. Names like Itchy Ass Bay, The Alley, Logan’s Corner and Beer Bay. There have been countless times where the Walleye you were fighting suddenly becomes “heavy” and as it comes to the surface a big Pike has latched onto it! We have seen all the wildlife to area has to offer, such as Moose, Bear, Otters and even a Woodland Caribou! As our trip wraps up each year, the planning for the next years trip will usually start by the time we get the motorhome pointed south for the ride home.

My Dad and I have been fortunate enough to have become part of the Canadian Fly-In Fishing team by working some sport shows for them.. We cherish the friendships we have developed with everyone at Canadian Fly-In Fishing over the years.

For those of you reading this that are past and current customers of Canadian Fly-In Fishing, you can understand that this is so much more than just a fishing trip. For those of you looking for that “Trip of a Lifetime” or are a fly-in veteran looking for a new outfitter, I think my last 36 years of fishing with Canadian Fly-In Fishing can speak for itself.

Turn “One of these days” into “ I’ll take THAT date”

Scott Alford

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