My first trip to Red Lake was in May of 1958, leaving at midnight the night we graduated from high school, and with the exception of college and the Army, I have pretty much done Canada every year since!  We’ve done portage trips in the Quetico Provincial Forest, then started flying out of Ft. Frances to outpost lakes approximately 2 hours out by twin Beech.  In between those trips we have taken side trips to Hatchet Lake (waaay north), Reindeer Lake, and several others.

In 1991 we discovered Canadian Fly In Fishing Red Lake and knew we were home!  From our very first trip we knew that the folks at Canadian Fly In Fishing  “get it!”  We’re there for the fabulous fishing, fellowship, and fun, not to fix boats, motors, stoves, refrigerators, pumps, generators, etc!  This will be our 27th consecutive year with Canadian Fly In Fishing and as we have included sons, and grandsons to the group, we have told Josh and his staff that we are customers for at least the next 30 years!!!!

The annual upgrades to the camps are phenomenal!  From boats that don’t leak, motors than run and run and run, fridges and freezers that work, tankless hot water heaters and solar everything, Canadian Fly In Fishing is quite simply the BEST!

The fishing is SPECTACULAR!!!!  Walleyes biting so fast you’d think they were starving!  Jumbo Northerns and the occasional smallmouth and even perch.  And the beauty of it all is that the lakes are not mammoth—from the cabins to one end of the lake or the other is usually no more than 20 minutes!  By the end of the week we are trying to find places that we DON’T  find fish!

If you and your group are looking for the best trip imaginable, and reasonably priced to boot, Canadian Fly In Fishing Red Lake is for you!  With 50 Canadian fishing trips (and a couple of duck/fish trips in the fall), I really think I know what I’m talking about!  

trophy walleye caught on thicketwood outpost, canadian fly in fishing

trophy northern pike caught at thicketwood, canadian fly in fishing

smallmouth bass caught at thicketwood outpost, canadian fly in fishing walleye caught at thicketwood outpost, canadian fly in fishing