“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”

– Leo Tolstoy

Preparations are underway for the upcoming season. The weather has been warm here in Red Lake and forecasted to be in the 50s over the next week. It even looks like we will get some wind and rain which will really help open the ice here in Red Lake. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the ice out in Red Lake.

With the heavy wet snow the usual plow had some trouble clearing the snow as we opened the base. I was able to get to my truck but the office and shoreline were surrounded by two and a half feet of snow. Not ideal for getting work done.

When I had first come up to Red Lake one of my cousins had immediately put me in contact with some friends she had in town and they were kind enough to have me over and give me a warm welcome. I had noticed the heavy equipment as I drove up to their home and it turned out Paul was in the tree clearing business. With the kindness extended to me I was quickly comfortable and at ease in Red Lake. I share this because as I was standing in two feet of snow at the base in early April I remembered the heavy equipment…

I called Paul and explained that with the heavy snow I needed something with a bit more power than usual to get operational.

Paul replied “It won’t take me more than a couple hours to clear your spot with my Kubota. When do you want me there?”

Paul made light work of clearing the heavy wet snow. In fact, we needed some snow to position the aircraft. If we had been delayed we would have likely run into a whole other set of problems as we wouldn’t have enough snow in the right spots to move the aircraft.

As mentioned the weather has been warm and the ice is going out at a good pace. I will keep posting updates on the ice out under our latest news section, Facebook, and also be posting pictures on Instagram. Stay up to date by following us!

A special thanks to Paul. I would still be trying to get all that snow cleared without your help.

Parked for the winter at Canadian Fly In Fishing base


clearing snow at Canadian fly in fishing


Ready for the spring at Canadian fly in fising