After finalizing a successful season we look back and try to analyze the positives and negatives.
Jordan has reported that the positives were real happy guests with good weather and great fishing. Many parties stated it was the best fishing that they have ever experienced.  We did have a lot of smokey days but fortunately none of the fires were close to any of our camps. The only negative outstanding with the exception of rising operating cost is the fact that we are still down in the number of guests pre-covid.
We have been making improvements. With new outboard motors, we have been trying to doing lot of the flying ourselves with our own aircraft to try keep costs down. We try to charter flights with larger aircraft for the larger groups when we can. But getting an aircraft in the morning most days was difficult. I’m surmising that with higher operating cost and pilot shortages the larger air carriers are operating fewer aircraft, hence very few days we could get a larger aircraft any time in the mornings. Most of our larger parties opted into doing 2 trips with our Beaver and get into camp in the morning vs not arriving at camp until into the afternoon.
The other issue with chartering larger aircraft is that their rates have increased dramatically, plus they are charging fuel surcharge and positioning fees. So looking forward and trying not to raise our rates taking two trips with the beaver vs chartering is definitively a cost saving measure. The furthest out camps are an hour fifteen minute return, so we will do those flights first leaving the dock at 5:00. So with 6-8 people all the group will be in camp by 8:00. The closer camps running the same scenario will have everyone into camp by 10:00 or before.
We understand that some of our guests certainly had issues with former management and I understand not coming back under those conditions. So for whatever reason you folks didn’t come back we certainly hope you’ll give Jordan the opportunity to try to convince you we have made some positive changes moving forward.  
Jordan mentioned deposits coming in for next year, which is certainly encouraging with numbers of bookings up way more than most previous years at this time. We hope that we can see the numbers increase over the next few months, as groups start to plan their trips for next season. I would like to remind everyone that if deposits are received before October 31, 2023, you will be locked in with the 2023 rates for the 2024 season. The Deposits will remain the same at $350 per person.

All deposits can be sent to the following address:
Canadian Fly-in Fishing
PO Box 597
Ranier, MN

Please include the lake name, the dates of the trip, as well as the group leaders name, so we can properly keep track of all the deposits.

Jordan and I would like to take this opportunity to announce that he and Becky are in the process of working out a deal to purchase the company over the next few years. I hope that with this announcement, it will remove any doubt of the future of the company.

Tight Lines

Bruce & Jordan