Job lake has both trophy walleye and trophy northern. Job lake has produced many of the largest walleyes caught in recent years. Add your name to the list of record-breaking catches while at our Job Lake outpost on your fly in fishing trip. Famous for the trophy sized northern and walleye that come out of the lake every year. Your group will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of fishing on Job lake.

Job Lake Map



Group of 2-3 people $1975 USD pp + tax

Group of 4-5 people $1645 USD pp + tax

Group of 6-8 people $1525 USD pp + tax


Conservation “size restrictions” are in place on all our lakes, so that all our guests can experience truly great trophy fishing opportunities.  

You are allowed to bring your limit of fish of home with you from the above lakes, but the size restriction is in place for take home fish. All walleye above 18” to be released, all northern above 27” to be released, the smaller fish are better eating.


If everyone in your group decides not to take fish home we will buy your license, $45.00 savings. If you want to bring fish home, you can use the money you save not buying your license and stop at Border Bob’s at the Falls. They have fresh frozen “lake of the woods walleye” and even have dry ice to keep them frozen until you get home.

If you’re considering a Fly In Outfitter that doesn’t have a conservation program either limiting fish coming out of their lakes or size restrictions, the assumption is they don’t have much that needs protection. It only makes sense that if an outfitter has great lakes they would certainly do everything reasonable to protect such a valuable resource. Help us protect our lakes and provide you with a great experience on your next visit to the Job Lake outpost for a fly in fishing trip.

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Canadian Fly-In Fishing Trips

If you've always dreamed of a beautiful fly-in fishing trip in the remote Canadian wilderness, it's never been a better time to get away and recharge while you pull in the biggest catch of your life day after day at our stunning, fly-in-only lakes. With seven remote lakes deep in the Canadian wilderness, you'll find both peace of mind and an anglers paradise at one of our remote outposts, and the memories you build -- especially of the fish you'll catch -- will last a lifetime.

Departing from Red Lake, Ontario, our pilots have decades of experience flying, working and fishing the area. Just like the generations before them, the majesty and splendor of this gorgeous stretch of Canadian fly-in fishing paradise keeps them coming back year after year, and once they share with you what this serene area has to offer, you'll join our many customers that, try as they might, can't stay away. In fact, we'll let you in on a little secret -- most of our business is repeat customers.

Via our seven unique lakes -- Peisk, Mimi, Knox, Robert, Job, Thicketwood and Murdock -- your experience can be as wild or relaxing as you'd like. Expert anglers just love the variety and challenge of the various fish in the area, and the tranquil backdrop is just the icing on the cake as you reel in beautiful walleye and countless northern pike, but don't forget about the smallmouth bass and perch that also populate the area. Additionally, as the only outfitter on these lakes, you can be sure that your day won't be overrun with the noises and bustling of others, but the camaraderie and friends you'll make along the way is yet another part of the rich tradition and experience you'll have. And don't forget our strict conservation policies that ensures the best fishing (and eating!) possible -- year after year.

Well equipped and comfortable, our northern Ontario fishing outposts fit up to eight, so even the largest parties are able to experience the trip of a lifetime. Complete with on-demand hot water units (with showers) and solar power systems for the best in wilderness accommodations, you'll never be left wanting before and after a long day on the lake. And when you're heading out, you'll appreciate our large, 14-foot fishing boats powered by 9.9 horsepower outboard motors -- an extra motor at each camp means even in the unlikely case of a malfunction you won't be a boat down for the remainder of your trip. Anglers also appreciate our unlimited outboard gas, so you can take as many trips out until you reel in that once-in-a-lifetime catch.

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