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Canadian Fly-In Fishing has remote fly-in outposts located on seven lakes. The number of anglers on each lake is controlled to maintain healthy fish populations, providing great fishing for our guests year after year. We also encourage our guests to practice catch and release as a way of preserving a high-quality fishery for future anglers. All of the lakes contain walleye, northern, and perch.

The fly-in outposts are well equipped with hot and cold running water, a solar electric system, and appliances which include freezers and fridges. Each outpost can sleep up to 8 guests. The kitchens are well stocked with all the required cookware and utensils for your group. There are four 14-foot boats at each cabin powered by a 9.9 four stroke motor. The fishing experience is incredible and the comfortable outpost in the remote wilderness do make our fly-in trips the experience of a lifetime. After spending time at our Ontario fly in fishing outpost, we promise you will want to come back next season.

Whether you’re a novice fisherman looking for some easier fishing or an experienced fisherman looking for trophies and numbers, you will find our lakes up to your expectations. If fishing isn’t a priority the bird and wildlife watching is incredible. Get unplugged for a few days with a fly in fishing trip in Red Lake, Ontario and do wonders for your soul.


Known for its trophy walleye over 30 inches, Peisk lake outpost boasts two great fishing lakes split by a two-mile channel. In addition to walleye, this Ontario fly-in fishing outpost also gives you the opportunity to catch beautiful pike, though conservation rules dictate that all fish must be consumed on site and you cannot take your catch with you, so make sure you get those cameras ready. Here at Canadian Fly-In Fishing, we provide four, five and seven day trips in this gorgeous Canadian fly-in outpost, and the memories you make — oh, the beautiful fish you’ll catch! — in this tranquil slice of heaven will last a lifetime. Explore Peisk


As our fastest action lake, which will keep even the youngest and most agile anglers engaged for hours on end, Mimi lake entices all visitors with the possibility of catching over 100 fish in just an hour or two. It’s some of the best outpost fishing in all of Ontario, and the nearby portage lakes almost guarantee a catch each afternoon. Filled with walleye and trophy northern, Mimi lake can easily yield 40-inch-plus catches, and the region’s conservation efforts ensure that all generations will be able to enjoy Canadian outpost fishing here for years to come. Explore Mimi 


If you’re looking for big walleye, Knox lake is the perfect fly-in fishing outpost in Ontario for you. With consistent 22 to 24 inch walleye catches and huge, 40-inch-plus pike opportunities in the nearby weed beds, Knox lake is an anglers paradise with its mix of islands, depths and many reefs. In any given day, dozens of walleye hotspots entice the dreams of fishermen all around this Canadian outpost. With seven day trips of two to three, four to five and six to eight people, groups of any size can appreciate the beauty and challenge of fishing in a north Ontario outpost. Explore Knox


Celebrated for its abundance of perch, walleye and trophy northern pike, it’s not unusual to see huge northern pike catches of 40 to 50 inches as large perch are gobbled up by the larger predator fish. With plenty of fishing opportunities for adventurous anglers, this Ontario fly-in fishing outpost provides a unique and exciting way to experience true remote wilderness fishing. With options to eat on site or bring your fish home, anglers of all skill levels are sure to enjoy their time here in this secluded and beautiful slice of Canadian nature. Just imagine the stories you’ll be able to tell about your fly-in fishing at Robert lake! Explore Robert


Known for its numerous walleye and trophy northern, Thicketwood lake is also a great place to catch beautiful smallmouth bass. Here at this Ontario fly-in fishing outpost, Thicketwood lake boasts a variety of fish rarely seen in other places, which keeps guests returning year after year. With stunning views and beautiful sunsets, even a low-catch day is a gift, and the unforgettable memories you’ll make at this Ontario outpost — whether you’re fishing or not — will last a lifetime. Explore Thicketwood



With plenty of walleye and trophy northern, Murdock lake outpost is Ontario fly-in fishing at its finest. A common source of tall tales and great catches, those who fish Murdock lake are free to embellish while others let their catch do the talking. But don’t forget, any northern above 27 inches and walleye above 18 inches must be released, so you better take a picture if you want anyone to believe you. Just like all of our outposts, this beautiful slice of northern Ontario provides some of the best fishing in the world, and the cool, clear water and stunning views are just the icing on the cake of any day spent here. Explore Murdock

It is my pleasure to host you at one of our Fly In Outposts. We pride ourselves on providing the best fly in fishing experience to our guests. Please call or email if you have any questions about fishing with us. If there is anything you require to make your fishing trip a success please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate. You can fill out the form above, call, or email me directly to inquire about current availabilities.

Canadian Fly-In Fishing Trips

If you've always dreamed of a beautiful fly-in fishing trip in the remote Canadian wilderness, it's never been a better time to get away and recharge while you pull in the biggest catch of your life day after day at our stunning, fly-in-only lakes. With seven remote lakes deep in the Canadian wilderness, you'll find both peace of mind and an anglers paradise at one of our remote outposts, and the memories you build -- especially of the fish you'll catch -- will last a lifetime.

Departing from Red Lake, Ontario, our pilots has decades of experience flying, working and fishing the area. Just like the generations before them, the majesty and splendor of this gorgeous stretch of Canadian fly-in fishing paradise keeps them coming back year after year, and once they share with you what this serene area has to offer, you'll join our many customers that, try as they might, can't stay away. In fact, we'll let you in on a little secret -- most of our business is repeat customers.

Via our seven unique lakes -- Peisk, Mimi, Knox, Robert, Job, Thicketwood and Murdock -- your experience can be as wild or relaxing as you'd like. Expert anglers just love the variety and challenge of the various fish in the area, and the tranquil backdrop is just the icing on the cake as you reel in beautiful walleye and countless northern pike, but don't forget about the smallmouth bass and perch that also populate the area. Additionally, as the only outfitter on these lakes, you can be sure that your day won't be overrun with the noises and bustling of others, but the camaraderie and friends you'll make along the way is yet another part of the rich tradition and experience you'll have. And don't forget our strict conservation policies that ensures the best fishing (and eating!) possible -- year after year.

Well equipped and comfortable, our northern Ontario fishing outposts fit up to eight, so even the largest parties are able to experience the trip of a lifetime. Complete with on-demand hot water units (with showers) and solar power systems for the best in wilderness accommodations, you'll never be left wanting more before or after a long day on the lake. When you're heading out, you'll appreciate our large, 14-foot fishing boats powered by 9.9 horsepower outboard motors -- an extra motor at each camp means even in the unlikely case of a malfunction you won't be a boat down for the remainder of your trip. Anglers also appreciate our unlimited outboard gas, so you can take as many trips out until you reel in that once-in-a-lifetime catch.

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