As the year draws to a close and we begin to spend more time with family and friends through the Thanksgiving Holiday and Christmas it is shocking how quickly another year has passed and the passing of time feels like the blink of any eye.

I see my guests who are fortunate enough to take a fishing trip with their kids and grandkids and pass on the knowledge and wisdom of their experiences to the next generations. Those fathers who are fortunate enough to have that time are truly blessed.

It is pretty ideal to be at one of our fishing outpost camps, completely unplugged, in nature, and spending time to reflect and recharge with family and friends. But the fact is you can enjoy the outdoors and time with family and friends wherever you are. If you happen to be reading this as your family is about to gather I would suggest you put away your phone/laptop/tablet and go spend time with them. If you are interested in a trip all the info will be here next week and we will be in the office to answer you calls and email.

In the meantime Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the time with your family and friends, and get outside.