I like to say I got into this to go fishing, drink beers, and bullshit with the guests. But with all the work involved I wasn’t able to get in as much fishing as I would like this past season. I managed to sneak some fishing in as we closed up Mimi. In the first week of the season I had a group come of Mimi Lake Outpost ecstatic over catching 90 walleye in an hour!

I figured the best way to validate was to bring out the rod while we closed up. I didn’t manage to get a whole day of fishing but did sneak in a short afternoon. I was using a ¼ ounce jig with a frozen minnow although it took a few tries to find a honey hole for the last 20 minutes of the afternoon I was pulling up great eater size walleye on every cast!

Owner of Canadian Fly In Fishing fishing for walleye