A common question from prospective guests is when is the best time of year to come up. With the limited pressure on our outpost lakes generally the entire season from May to the end of September provides spectacular walleye and northern pike fishing.

Late ice outs increases the chances of catching Trophy northern pike as they are quite active in the cool water. As the walleyes are post spawn they are looking feed and the ice out plays a factor in when they spawn and when they get back on the bite.

The summer provides overall consistent fishing with changes day to day in weather patterns. It is important to read the day to day weather during the summer. The direction of the wind will play a large part in stirrin up the micro organisms around points, which draws in the bait fish and walleye. Generally the winds change through the day so in order to have a successful day on the lake it is important to be cognizant of the changes.

If there is a time when the fish are most aggressive it would be the fall. Generally speaking the fish are the biggest they have been all year and with the water cooling down they begin to feed aggressively with the the winter approaching. The days can still get warm through the afternoon but the winds generally pick up as well which stacks up walleyes around points and along the shoreline where fish have been feeding.

With the days getting shorter and cooler quickly up here the end of the season is only a few weeks away. The groups who fish into September on average have done very well in terms of numbers and size of fish caught. Fall Fishing can be truly rewarding. If you are interested in a trip in late August or September don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-445-4625.

Caught 25 inch walleye in late August/fall

This 25 inch walleye was caught just last week!