My Father (Ron Schoneman) and I were trolling on the west side of Robert Lake South.  He was using a ¼ oz. jig with a twister tail and night crawler.  We were trolling along the shoreline on the edge of a weed line in about 8’ of water.  We were catching lots Walleyes between 16” and 21” and a few Pike.  All of the sudden this thing hit like a ton of bricks.  From the minute it hit we were sure it was a Pike.  It had two or three good runs where it peeled line off the reel.  After a five-minute fight, we finally got it close enough to the boat to see it was a big Walleye.  Once we netted it and got it in the boat, it measured in at 27”.  What a catch!

Since the late 70’s, I’ve been on about 40 Canadian fishing trips with my Dad, Brother and other friends.  We’ve tried approximately 12 different outfitters over that time and we’ve seen it all.  2018 will be our 11th trip with Canadian Fly-in Fishing and I can tell you this.  Hands down, Canadian Fly-in Fishing is the most hospitable outfitter we’ve ever dealt with.  Their cabins and equipment are always in great shape and the fishing on their lakes is the most consistent of any we’ve used.  I’m looking forward to our trip this May and plan to continue this annual tradition with Canadian Fly-In Fishing for many years to come.

trophy walleye