As we gear up for the fishing season we have been reviewing some files from last season and it brings back warm memories. It is always a pleasure to see our guests back at the base after a wonderful week of fishing. It is not uncommon for tales of trophy northern pike or a to hear about the fast action on our lakes. It is our mission to provide our guests with a first class fly in fishing trip and here are a few messages and comments from guest last season.

“I had the best fishing week of my life and hope to bring my wife up here to enjoy this paradise.” Bob E. (Robert Lake, 2018)

“We caught a pair of 29 inch Walleyes” Tom S (Peisk, 2018)

“We caught 127 fish in 4 hours. Best trip in 23 years” Greg M (Peisk, 2018)

“We caught 20 Northern Pike over 30 inches, the biggest was 42 inches and the biggest walleye of the week was 27 and ¾ inches” (Chuck R, Mimi 2018)

“The fishing was fantastic. Never seen so many walleyes over 19 inches as this year.” (Jim P. Knox 2018)

“I caught my first 10 pound walleye!” (Jim M, Thicketwood 2018)  

“We are from Minnesota and I have been fishing for 53 years. Since I was 6 years old. I have fished on 84 different lakes in Minnesota and I have never experienced the consistent walleye action like that which we had at Job Lake. It’s been a few weeks since we were there and I’m still replaying the scenes from that trip in my mind. I hope those memories stay with me until we get a chance to do it again.” Bill G (Job Lake, 2018)

The fishing on our lakes is truly an unforgettable experience but even greater than the fishing is the time with family and friends spent unplugged and offline. Our modernized cabins have solar electric system, standard kitchen appliances (stove, oven, fridge, & freezer), and indoor plumbing with on demand hot water units. The fishing and the accommodations here at Canadian Fly In Fishing have all the elements required for a great summer family vacation call 1-800-445-4624 or email to inquire about current availability or to book now.

Trophy northern pike caught and held in fishing boat