Canadian Fly-In Fishing has remote fly in cabins located on seven lakes. The number of fishermen on each lake is controlled to maintain healthy fish populations, providing great fishing for our guests year after year. We also encourage our guests to practice catch and release as a way of preserving a high quality fishery for future fishermen.

Several of our lakes have connecting channels to other lakes which are navigable with a camp boat and motor. Thus, if your cabin is located on one of these lakes, your group may fish the connected lake as well as the lake where your cabin is located.

We also have several lakes with adjacent lakes available for you to fish by portaging. Take your fishing equipment to the adjacent lake; then use the boat and motor we provide there for your use. (The adjacent lakes already have boats and motors waiting there for use.) These portage lakes have no cabins on them and are catch and release only to maintain the great fishing. All portages are quite short; from 100 yards to the longest of about 3/4 mile. Our lakes are listed below.